{Collins} 30S-1 wiring

I wish to thank all that responded to my question on 230V (240) wiring
for the 30S-1 and others as well.
There were to  many to respond to each one -   so please accept my thanks
to all.

I have another question.   Inasmuch as most hams have more than one KW
linear and some may or may not have 230v and 120v transformers is it
permissible to run one 4-wire 230V line from the fuse box to a 4-wire
receptable, for #1 linear,  then run a 4-wire line from that  junction
box to anther junction box  for linear #2,  then from that junction box
to another juction box for linear #3?   The only time the linears are
plugged into the junction box receptacle is when they would be used.  In
other words there would only be one linear plugged in at any one time.

I have made a copy of all of the E-mail responses and put them in my
30S-1 manual.  Thanks again for all of the expert advice.

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