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At 07:18 PM 7/8/2004 -0400, W2QFN@xxxxxxx wrote:
>Does anyone know the designation of the type of RF connector used internally
>in the R390a?

Mini-BNC, or "MB" (the "Non-A" version uses normal BNC connectors)

Available at RF Connections, as is the coax needed.
One fellow on the R-390 list recently offered connectors or cables for sale.
If you have an R-39x of any sort you should be getting the R-390 list:

>R-390 mailing list
>R-390@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  (address to post a message to the list)
>http://mailman.qth.net/mailman/listinfo/r-390 (subscribe here.)

(The archives have many many posts about both the connectors and the coax, 
and the twinax antenna connector situation, including sources and part 

AND, you should study "Chuck Rippel's site":

and the R-390 Frequently Asked Questions page at:

Also see the reverences link:

You should download the free, updated, corrected and nearly indespensible 
"R-390A Y2K-Release 2" from the above site.
(If you have a slow Internet connection, let me know.)

THEN, get all the other documents there.

>Also what is the general way of handling the balanced antenna

As to the twinax balanced antenna connector,

1) see Chuck's site for an easy workaround,

2) buy the right connector for cheap at any one of many many suppliers and 
make up a cable for yourself, or

3) search endlessly for the UG-970 adapter (twinax to SO-239) that now 
costs $35 or more new IF you can ever find one, OR;

4) carry out the field change (I think it is No. 6) that puts one of the 
balanced input connections on the UNbalanced connector and use an easier to 
find adapter on that (it's a Type C).

(R-3xx spoken here.)

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