{Collins} Re: Help! Newbie restoring a pair of gold dust twins

At 10:49 PM 7/8/2004 -0400, W4QG wrote:
>Hello All,
>Excuse the long post. This is my first attempt at restoring
>any vintage equipment and I could use some advice.


Yes, it's a good thing to get advice on these old radios :-)

>I think I got a pretty good deal, $1000 for both.
>That's the good news....

Indeed it is. You got the transmitter for free.

  It appears to have had a modification around V22,
>There is a pot hanging out from the chassis.

Sounds like a lot of hammer fisted modifications to undo.

>  The paint is fair at best. Lots of small chips all over the enclosure - none
>or very few on the face.

Cabinet repaint job available from Howard Mills:
"Howard Mills W3HM" <w3hm@xxxxxxxx>

>  Has CW and SSB filters. It still has the original power cord.

Bad.  Replace with a three wire grounded cord properly installed.

>  ... V503 (5Y3GT) has been pulled and two wires are running to some 
> resistors (also just hanging there)

Sounds like a lot of hammer fisted modifications to undo.
(is there an echo in here.. in here... in here...)

>  What are my options on the hose?

Get proper information from the list and go to your local hardware or auto 
store with about $15.

>I have read about the cap replacements in the KWS-1, any similar issues 
>with the 75A-4?

Yes.  See <http://www.amwindow.org/tech/htm/deadly.htm>
Others have added to this list. See the Collins web site:
in particular:

>( I am planning on tackling the 75A-4 first....) Any advice on bringing up 
>the 75A-4 after being dead for 10+ years???

Yes. DO NOT BRING IT UP SLOWLY ON A VARIAC. (my diatribe on this sent 

>I wish I had a big variac...

No you DON'T.

>I would assume it would be a good idea to replace the 2 prong power cord 
>with a three before doing anything???


>   In have checked the reflector archives
>on the painting issue. Anyone have any recommendations?

Send to Howard Mills with money. Not a little.  Wait a long time.

>I also bought a ITT R-390A ($150),

You got a $450 radio for one third the normal value.

See my earlier post on references to the R-390A world:
"Re: {Collins} R390a connectors"


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