{Collins} Re: Help! Newbie restoring a pair of gold dust twins

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the information.

Yes, I have the solid state rectifiers near top of the list
of things to clean up. The rectifiers that were put in the supply are not
the type
that emulate a tube , they do not have a tube base.
They are made of molding and are about the size of my index finger.
They are more of less just hanging there, one wire is plugged into one
of the receptacles in the 866 socket and the other side runs to the ceramic
connector. It looks like the unused receptacles in the 866 sockets have
been removed. I spent a little time this evening just poking around the
power supply, I will tell you that whoever did these modifications sure
had some guts to use the rig. Very very sloppy job on some of it around some
high power circuitry.

I would very much like to get a copy of 'The Care and Feeding of the KWS-1"
I believe mine will need quite a bit of care first before I can feed it!!

Ok, the rack mount explanation for the holes makes perfect sense. Sure
didn't look like a
aftermarket hack job....

On the "Saint James Gray" paint, it looks to me that the twins are
black or at a minimum a charcoal color. It that gray a very dark gray??

Thanks and 73,

Paul W4QG

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> Hi Paul,
> First, congratulations on your "deal".  Good value.
> Second, I would recommend that you get a copy of my CCA quarterly on 'The
> Care and Feeding of the KWS-1". If you can not get a copy locally, I can
> make you one and send it off to you. This quarterly has a lot of info on
> restoring and bring up a KWS-1.
> I have some immediate comments. Blower hose is just like radiator hose and
> make a trip to the local Auto Parts store and find some straight stock
> will fit. Lots of time you can find a piece that has a 90 deg on one end
> make it easier.
> Second - Run down all mods and take it back to stock before you even turn
> on. IMMEDIATELY get rid of the solid state rectifiers. Some Collins rigs
> will handle solid stating pretty well. The KWS-1 will not. Just because
> someone gets away with it does not mean it is all right. I will not go
> the details here (See quarterly covered it there well) but in the early
> the HV components they used were marginal at best even when new and with
> and microcracking of the compounds used, you do not need more stress on
> HV components. The HV choke is a particular concern.
> There are a number of selenium rectifiers (little black cubes of molding
> compound - with two terminals - on a stud). Be very suspect of these. They
> can be replaced with a 1N4007 quite easily and I like to zap the heck out
> the selenium and then mount both the replacement small 1N4007 and the
> necessary wires on the resulting open circuit diode to keep it looking
> original - but that is just my craziness. You can usually hide the diode
> the side that does not show as much. There are seleniums in both the
> head and the P.S. Also be careful of the service bulletins and do the one
> that adds the clamp diodes across the keying relay or it will keep getting
> carbonized contacts. Also be sure to do the PA tune and load
> resynchronization process or it will not tune right. It is in the manual
> covered in my quarterly. It is highly likely that it has been manhandled a
> bit in moving and storage and can get bounced out of sync pretty easily.
> Check for proper voltage levels around the "Black Beauty" molded caps
> away or check them for leakage and replace any that are suspect. They are
> particularly prone to failure - they had a built in failure mode - and be
> particular sensitive to the ones in the ALC circuit and the VR circuit in
> the Power Supply.
> The holes along the front of the sides are for the rack mount kit and are
> stock. Do not worry about them.
> If you have question, give me a call.
> Oh, the matching Saint James Gray paint can be obtained through Nebraska
> Surplus. It works well for touch up.
> Have fun.  Again, good deal.
> Regards,  Bill
> K0CXX Mogollon Rim Collins Collectors Club
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> > Hello All,
> > Excuse the long post. This is my first attempt at restoring
> > any vintage equipment and I could use some advice.
> >
> > I just purchased a pair of gold dust twins.
> > I think I got a pretty good deal, $1000 for both.
> > That's the good news....
> >
> > Here is the rest of the story:
> > I bought these from a another ham who purchased
> > them from the wife of a SK who was the original owner.
> > (who knows what he paid for them from the SK's wife but I'd bet
> > it was next to nothing)  He didn't do anything with them except run
> > a damp cloth over them.
> >
> > The 75A-4 is missing a couple of tubes (5Y3GT and 6AL5) and according to
> > the fellow I bought them from the receiver was believed to be not
> > by the wife of the SK. It appears to have had a modification around V22,
> > There is a pot hanging out from the chassis. There is also a mod on V3,
> > a socket adaptor has been cut in and a cap is hanging off of it.
> > The paint is fair at best. Lots of small chips all over the enclosure -
> none
> > or very few on the face. Has CW and SSB filters. It still has the
> power cord.
> >
> > The KWS-1 is supposed to be working or at least it was the last time the
> > SK used it - about 10 years ago. The KWS-1's RF deck appears to be in
> > shape besides for the paint. The paint is pretty rough, front
> > face is nice except for around the lid - many many small chips on the
> enclosure.
> > There is a large cap from V102 to ground. It is just hanging there.
> sloppy...
> > The audio gain knob is not original. No blower hose. The power supply
> seems
> > to have several mods. Paint is rough. Missing F501 and F502 fuses.
> > Also missing V506 (OB2) and V505 (12AX7). V509 (6A57-G) has been pulled
> and
> > has a jumper wire attached between two receptacles on the socket. V503
> (5Y3GT)
> > has been pulled and two wires are running to some resistors (also just
> hanging there)
> > Looks like another wire is just hanging there not attached to anything.
> Apparently the
> > power supply has been converted to a solid state rectifier V501 and V502
> (886A's)
> > have been pulled and replaced with diode rectifiers by Solitron Devices
> Corp.
> > Looks like the door has the original key. There are many holes along the
> front sides
> > of the enclosure. Is there supposed to be trim there or something??? Is
> anyone familiar
> > with these modifications? If so are they preferred to the original
> > The modification around V503 looks highly suspect.....
> >
> > What are my options on the hose?
> >
> > I have read about the cap replacements in the KWS-1, any similar issues
> with the
> > 75A-4? ( I am planning on tackling the 75A-4 first....) Any advice on
> bringing up the 75A-4
> > after being dead for 10+ years??? I wish I had a big variac... I would
> assume it would be a
> > good idea to replace the 2 prong power cord with a three before doing
> anything???
> > I am planning on pulling the chassis and giving it a through cleaning.
> Then scrubbing
> > the enclosure with some mild detergent and water.  In have checked the
> reflector archives
> > on the painting issue. Anyone have any recommendations?
> >
> > I also bought a ITT R-390A ($150), I've done some checking around on
> one, I can't
> > find any mention of it anywhere. Any ideas?
> >
> > Thanks to all.
> >
> > 73,
> >
> > Paul W4QG
> >
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