{Collins} Re: Help! Newbie restoring a pair of gold dust twins

Hello All,
  I wish to thank everyone who has taken the time to send me
  emails both on and off the list with so much information! 
  I really do appreciate it!

  Apparently some emails have bounced, please send them again...

  Anyway, I am certainly going to tackle the 75A-4 first.

  From the responses I've received, right at the top of my list
  of things to take care of is the "seven deadly caps"  + some.
  I already have the lists for both the A-4 and the KWS-1.
  I'm hoping I can get them from Digikey or some other
  standard component vendor. I will also replace the power supply

  I will also replace the original power cord with a 3-prong cord.

  I've had several suggestions as far as the cleaning goes,
  I think I will try simple green (I happen to have a jug of it
  around here somewhere.)

  As I get further into this project I am sure I will have
  many many more questions for the list.

  Thanks again to all and have a great weekend.


  Paul W4QG
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