{Collins} FS Collins Gold Dust Twins

I have for sale a Gold Dust Twins Station including a Collins 75A-4
receiver, Collins KWS-1 transmitter and matching Collins  power supply, and
Collins 270G-2 speaker. The 75A-4 has been recapped and aligned by Glen
Zook. It also has the 7360 first and second mixer  mod discussed in the
Collins 75A-4 Modification Compendium. It works well. The KWS-1 is
unchecked. I purchased it some time ago with the intention of putting it on
air, but never fired it up. It is complete except for the hose and the
key/lock. I was told that it was working when taken out of service around 10
years ago. There is an  antenna relay addition.  I do have some information
on it noted in the manual. The original manuals for the receiver and
transmitter are included.
The cosmetic condition of the 75A-4,  270G-2,  and the KWS-1 are
outstanding, near CCA Excellent. The Power  Supply cabinet has some chips in
the paint and some scratches that have been touched up with correct paint.
It looks good, but not as good as the rest of the gear.
I can send digital pictures  upon request. Price for the entire station is
$3500 picked up in Abilene, Texas. I do make frequent trips to the Dallas
area and could possibly deliver it to someone near there. I really don't
want to try and ship it, however. This is a nice set and I believe with a
little work would
make a great operational station.  Thanks, Charlie Hugg, K5MBX

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