{Collins} I have this -- would like this

Hi to all on the list.

I would like to get back on the air at some point and have some gear I 
would like to trade for a very nice condition winged S-line.

KWS-1  sn 714
75A-1    sn 2497
SP-600 Hammerlund
SP-600 rebuilt by John Leary (an early one)

Here's what I would like, all winged and in nice shape.

32S-3 with power supply

If there is some one out there that would like to make a trade and it 
would be good for them as well as me, that would be great.  I'm not 
interested in selling or parting out, just trading.  If interested, 
please email me and we can chat about condition, pictures and so on.

Best 73s
Jay Roman

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