{Collins} FS: 75A4

I am listing this item on the collector for the widow of a SK.  This is part of an estate which I am selling for her with all proceeds going to her.  There is a lot to sell and I am doing some of the Collins stuff now.  There may be more buried somewhere.  
The 75A4 powers and lights up but I am unable to receive signals.  It has plenty of audio gain and sounds like the rejection tuning is working.  Physically it looks nice.  There are a few scratches and nicks but nothing serious.  The front panel is clean and without scratches.  The lettering is clean and bright with very little wear.  The meter and dial faces are clean and white.  The band tuning drum is a little yellowed but not bad at all for its age.  No extra holes, dents, or rust.  Under the hood it has 3 filters (F455Z-1, F455J31, and F455Z2).  Everything inside looks good and clean, no smoke, etc. It is missing the cover that fits over the tuning pots.  If I find that later I will send it to you. The antenna connector is an N type (not sure if that was original or not)  Serial #12XX.  No manual included.

I am asking $725 plus shipping or pick up in Western Colorado.  If you are interested let me know and I can send digital photos.  I think this would make a real nice receiver with a little tinkering and I hope to find it a good home.  Thanks for reading.  73  John  K0JY

PS:  Also have an R390A and a couple of R388's to come.  

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