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At 08:53 PM 7/12/2004 -0700, w6we wrote:
>Can anyone share some info on installing a product detector into an R-388 


My R-388 notes contains the following:

>Subject: {Collins} R388 Product detector
>Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 08:20:08 -0400
>From: "Philip Neidlinger" <PNeidlinger@xxxxxxxxxx>
>To: <collins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Well, got the product detector mod done in accordance with the 68 CQ
>article. It works. However, there are a couple of issues.
>1. The volume of the radio drops when you switch over to the bfo,
>approximately 50%. I assume this may be due to the voltage divider to
>ground 1.2K in conjunction with the 5 pf cap. The volume with the bfo on
>is entirely inadequate. I assume if we did a direct feed with the 5 pf
>cap and deleted the resistor this might improve.
>2. Volume with the AVC off is better than with it on.
>3. When the af gain is advanced much past 8, the rig goes into a low
>freq oscillation.
>Otherwise the mod performs as advertised. I am new to tube rigs and
>point to point wiring. These 40 year old eyes had trouble with that
>point to point soldering.

I suggest you contact Phil and get that article.


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