{Collins} Re: Needed Cleaning Suggestions

Where can we buy CP-43,  is it sold under a brand name?

I've never had a problem with Simple Green and aluminum.  Just don't let it
sit on the surface overnight!!!

Oven baking makes me nervous......I use compressed air and a hair dryer (NOT
a heat gun) to dry the chassis.  If the WX is nice I let it bake in the sun
for a day.

Good point on the trimmers.  Washing seems to make them stick.  If rotating
does not work, they can be disassembled and cleaned with alcohol.


> one more weigh in ...  Scott is so correct on the film residue, and Jim
> Brannigan got you off to a good start, indeed do all that Jim suggest, I
> however don't usually remove the PTO, but sometimes do the PA cage in it's
> place , but do tie a rag around the PTO assy . to keep it from chaffing or
> scratching the chassis..but now the difference to avoid the residue look..
> back in 98' when we had the 2CA convention in Dallas, Butch enlightened us
> about Selig  CP-43 this product was cut on a 50/50 basis with water,
> thoroughly cleaned and washed off with the distilled water, distilled
> leaves no streaking or spotting.  when you ask about the Sleigh cp-43 you
> find lots of major manufactures use it in their finishing process's as I
> recall it was HP that brought this product into prominence.. after all
> is done pop the unit into the oven at some very low temp. 125-or there
> abouts. but for a long time. opps I omitted a very important process, keep
> your good heavy duty vacuum at the ready. this is used ALL the TIME, just
> continue to vacuum all the water all the time.. then after as best you can
> go back and pick up the warming oven process.. the CP-43 will leave the
> chassis very clean and bright .. the results will look like, what you are
> wanting..   a frequent rotation of the trimmers will be useful that they
> tend to stick, just keep them free.. good luck.. YMWV  mac/mc

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