{Collins} Need Help: 75A-3 PTO Coupling

Hi All:

I'd appreciate some help with reassembling a 75A-3 PTO dial coupling that
came apart in shipping.  The radio must have had one heck of a ride, because
when I unpacked it and opened the lid I noticed that the PTO was completely
unattached from the chassis and resting on the bottom of the cabinet.  The
dial mechanism and the PTO both seem to be undamaged, and they turn freely
and smoothly.  On the surface, it looks like all I have to do is to reattach
the PTO mounting screws and coupling, make sure the PTO is calibrated with
the dial, and I should be good to go.

The coupling that connects the dial mechanism to the PTO is apart, and I
found a heavy brass disc with milled slots that appears to mate with discs
that are mounted to the dial and PTO shafts.  I also found a small spring
about 3/4 in. long (including loops at each end) that I don't have a clue as
to where it belongs.  There doesn't appear to be anything that holds the
brass disc in place other than pressure from being sandwiched between the
dial and PTO discs.  Is that right?  I have never seen an assembled 75A-3
coupling before, so I don't know how it's supposed to look.  Also, how would
I go about reassembling the thing?  Does the front panel have to come off?
I need help from square one.  BTW, I have a copy of the user manual on the
way.  If PTO removal and replacement procedures are covered in the manual,
then let me know and I'll wait for the book to arrive.

Thanx & 73,


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