{Collins} Re: 75A4 brass knobs

Would you mind sharing the gist of your response?  I am interested in the
same question.

This is an interesting reflector.  While most email lists configure the
"reply-to" address as that of the email list server, so everyone will see
the response, this CCA reflector substitutes the address of the user who
posted the note.  That means when we do a "Reply" the response goes only to
the poster, and we have to do something special to share the answer with
others on the reflector.  It holds down the reflector bandwidth, but
sometimes good info is not shared.

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Sent: Friday, July 16, 2004 11:04 AM
Subject: {Collins} 75A4 brass knobs

> Many, many thanks to all who replied regarding the 75A4 brass knobs.. I
was amazed at the response..
> Wow, what a wonderful, helpful group.
> I have what I need..
> Thanks
> 73 Gary W5UUO

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