{Collins} Collins equipment for sale

Greetings to all,
This is my first post on the reflector so I beg your patience if I mess up 
(XYL says I am quite good at it).
I have the following equipment for sale.  All items are conservatively CCA 
good and have been on the air in the last 30 days.  To the best of my 
knowledge they are pretty much original (no mods or repaint etc) Any 
exceptions to the above are noted in the item description.  Ok, here goes:
1 KWM2-A WE -- $1,150

1 KWM2-A WE with 136B2 noise blanker  -- $1,250

1 516F-2 with speaker and case -- $395

1 516F-2 no case -- $275

1 312B-5 Station Console WE -- $750 (this one does have a toggle switch on 
the top of the chassis, doesn't appear to be connected to anything and is 
not visible from the outside but I just don't think it came that way from 

1  PM-2 Power Supply -- $125

1  30L-1 Linear (round emblem) -- $625

1 75S-3B WE -- $525

1 32S-3 WE -- $350 (the one exception.  Cosmetically it is nice but lights 
up but no power out)

I will pack it and you pay actual shipping and insurance.  I think these 
prices are probably reasonable BUT I am never offended by serious 
offers.  I have owners manuals with everything except the PM-2, the 30L-1 
manual is a photo copy.

Thanks for looking and 73's

Scott Ramsey
Las Cruces, NM  88005

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