{Collins} Problems with 30S1

Recently received early S/N 30S1 completely restored by Dennis Brothers.
Trying to get up and running with 32S3, 75S3, 2 kW dummy load.  Unit was
working prior to being shipped by Dennis.  Old transformer arced upon
receipt, so I replaced it with a new Peter Dahl model with increased screen
voltage.   Unit is immaculate. Separate 30A 220VAC circuit.  No problem with
application of low voltage.  When high voltage switch is turned on, adequate
plate voltage, but pulls 600 ma plate current with 32S3 in tune mode as
described in 30S1 instruction manual, loud pop after about five seconds,
and breaker blows.  Fuses do NOT blow!  Nothing obviously burnt,  no fried
or ozone smell.  I have a lot of respect for this unit and don't want to end
up as a SK prematurely.  Thought that I would consult the oracles!!

TNX in advance and 73





(Russell T. Garland, M.D.)

 CCA member since 2000 and wishing to avoid electrocution as long as


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