{Collins} Problems with 30S1

Thanks to the gang for the information thus far.  I have a bit of additional
data for your digestion:
1.	Front bottom (anterior inferior in my usual way of saying things!)
contact of K203 severely pitted with fresh carbon;  could be source of "pop"
(Probably too far gone for burnishing, but where do you find a burnishing
tool-tried in the past with no luck)  Will probably have to replace relay
with mod described by Mike Stover, W9MWS.
2.	I have Floyd's video as well as complete set of CCA Archives.
3.	I agree that popping breaker first makes no sense.  Breaker is on
separate fused subpanel (Switch Off For Safety!) and is NOT GFI.  Looked at
plate fuses, however.  They are strange;  both 15 amp, but one marked "TPA"
and the other "MDL".  Four wire input; red (hot), black (hot), white
(neutral), and green (ground).  Ground and neutral are separate-new home.
4.	Dennis covered front of T202 and front of transformer behind V202
with coax seal due to arcing (either prophylactically or observed).  No
fresh arc marks or melted coax seal, though.
5.	Unit is EARLY, S/N 374.
6.	CR205 is the original selenium model;  haven't had a chance to check
if it is open or shorted yet.
7.	Trying to enlist Dennis' help, too.  Haven't been able to catch him
in the shack yet;  farming season!
8.	Several mods done by Dennis when he had unit.
9.	Thanks in advance for all of the help.  Bound and determined to
figure this problem out!!



TNX and Vy 73





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