{Collins} Lumiline Endcaps for 312A-1 Needed

I never thought I would find a 312A-1 that I could manage to afford but
fortunately I was able to find one that even has some historical

This one was owned by Frank Guenther, W2ALS, who was quite famous in radio
circles most notably an associate of Edwin Armstrong, father of FM, and one
time owner of the Armstrong Tower in Alpine, NJ.

This 312A-1 has had the 302C-2 wattmeter kit added to the grill and a very
large Telrex rotor display as well. It's in good shape but of course was
missing the lumiline bulb which I have since located a source but I do not
have end caps. I do have the hood.

I have seen many go by on ebay but have no reference to the source. I would
like the long end caps but at this point the short ones will be fine too.
All of the sources I have found on the internet have come up dry.

Any assistance will be gratefully appreciated.

If anyone has the connector cover I am in need of that as well.

73, Roger NJ2R

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