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Tom Laird WC9M
Moline, IL.
Plastic Capacitors, Inc. [2623 N. Pulaski Rd., Chicago, IL. 60639, =
773-489-2233], has agreed to reproduce capacitor C-206 for the 30S-1. I =
have received their specification control drawing, p/n LK50-154ND, if =
someone is interested in posting, which describes this item. It is a =
0.150uf, 5000vdc, non-PCBS replacement for C206. This repro was based on =
one of two original vendors, Aerovox and CDE. In this case, the Cornell =
Dubilier unit spec T253 was used. Brackets are available and I believe =
are included. They are listed as p/n BRF2-214.

The engineering diagram shows this item to be 3-3/4" long, 1-1/4" deep, =
and 2-1/4" high. The 1-1/8" ceramic insulated studs are 10-32, 2" apart. =
 Cost: 1 unit $280, 2 units $180ea, 3-4 units $129ea, 5-9 units, $96ea, =
and 10-19 units $68ea. Lead time is 6-8 weeks. Again, the part number is =

Stu k2qde

As another source, check out Illinois Condensers =20
INFO@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  They are in the Edison Park area of =
chicago. =20
jack K0EWU jackiv@xxxxxxxx

-----Original Message-----
    I recently acquired a 30S-1 and have noticed that capacitor C206 =
to be leaking.  This is the .15UF, 5,000 volt oil filled cap.  Does =
know where a replacement can be purchased?

Lawrence, wa4bhk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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