{Collins} F / S Audio Amplifier Module

f/s  A Collins Audio Amplifier Module (winged plug-in ) P/n
506 6106 905 mod.1
 It plugs into A1301 tubes are 5686 and 5814/with shields.
date codes on
tubes 56-39/56-35. Both tubes are GE
 Output  Transformer #  77 0527 00, 14,500 ohms/ 300ohms ct,
power level is
500mw/ mwv 360  300-3500 cps.
 It is  4 5/8 inches by 1 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches (not
including the transformer)
I have no idea what it plugs into or if it work  buy it as
is. The plug has 4 pins/two larger pins
in the middle and 5 pins across the top.
$ 50.00 plus shipping  or make an offer. pictures available
via email.
my phone number is 712 239 8680  John K0aar

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