{Collins} 75A2

As I continue with my restoration of a 75A2 I have run into some discrepancies, namely the reproduction manual that came with the receiver has the 1St & 2ND mixers listed as 6BA7's.  Yet the chassis is stamped V2 & V4 as 6BE6's.  The schematic shows the output of the 70E12 PTO to pin 2 of the 6BA7.  Yet my radio has the output of the PTO connected to Pin 1.  Also there are some different resistor values associated with this scoket then is shown on the schematic.
Was there a service bulletin or any mods that may have appeared in Ham Magazines changing the mixers in the 75A2 ?  The schematic I am working off is dated April 1954.

Couple other questions regarding the 75A2, does any one make the Kilocycles (round dial) reproductions ?

I also need the PTO coupling which is apparently .25 inch on one end and 3/16 or some other close dia on the PTO shaft, not having a micrometer I can't measure the actual shaft size on the 70E-12 PTO.

The difference in the mixers has me rather confused and appreciate any comments from anyone familiar with this receiver, Thanks

73 Gary

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