{Collins} Re: Fwd: Re: 6146B Neutralization technique

At 03:42 PM 7/22/2004 -0700, Greg Mijal wrote:
>I just neutralized my Heathkit Marauder after a tube change with a very
>simple technique.
>Switch to 20m band
>Pull the plate rectifer.
>Stick your scope probe into the body of the final coil.
>Key the radio and tune for minimum output on the scope.
>It works FB here

Would be short cut takers,

BEWARE: I the screen supply is separate from the plate supply, that is not 
from the same source, you can burn up the screens.  Running a tube with 
screen voltage and no plate voltage can cause excessive screen current.

Transmitters such as the one kilowatt-class TMC GPT-750, and many marine 
transmitters derive the screen voltage from the plate supply. The S-line is 
not the same, and has the screens supplied from the low voltage B+, 
normally via a jumper across two rear panel Jacks.


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