{Collins} - REDUCED PRICES- hey, it confused me.

Looks like my fonts etc didn't quite make it across. I apologize for the 
confusing appearance.  So here are the prices (without the initial prices) 
on the equipment. Again, if you don't like what you see, make me an offer.
Scott Ramsey
1 KWM2-A WE --  $875

1 KWM2-A WE with 136B2 noise blanker  --  $925

1 312B-5 Station Console WE -- $650 (this one does have a toggle switch on 
the top of the chassis, doesn't appear to be connected to anything and is 
not visible from the outside but I just don't think it came that way from 

1  PM-2 Power Supply -- $50 (figure on this one for parts as I don't know 
if it works and the case has been modified)

1  30L-1 Linear (round emblem) -- SOLD and shipped

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