{Collins} HELP !!!!

Help !A few weeks ago I purchased a Collins KWM2A Round from a fellow by the name of Radiomart, his name was Martyn on e-bay. He claimed it was collector quality ! I paid about 
$ 1650.00 for the Transceiver. He had no power supply, so I found another fellow in Florida who had a 516F-2 with cabinet and said he re-capped the unit about 6 months ago. Well I plugged the power supply into the KWM2A and turned the switch on the upper left had corner to on ! I put the meter in the plate current position so as I would be able to adjust the Bias Current to 40 ma after the radio warmed up. The meter was pegged to the far right above the 400 ma point. I waited 4-5 minutes expecting the meter to drop to the far left hand side, However for some reason or another the meter would only stay pegged to the far right !! So I turned off the power supply, to prevent any damage to the radio or supply ! I need the help of some of you Collins Pros out there to give me some sort of step by step direction, as to what components to look at that would cause a problem like this to occur !! 

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, as this is my first Collins KWM2A !

Thanks a Lot



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