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Hello to All,

I keep seeing messages concerning Radio Mart and Martyn come across the
reflector. Here is my experience and 2 cents worth:

1. ALL his stuff is way over rated, and never is what it is said to be.

2. There is no way that he checks the equipment out before putting it on

3. If you complain loud enough, he will take the junk back and refund the

I am saying this from experience. I bought a piece of equipment from Martyn
that was listed as "In excellent condition, a ONE owner radio and working
perfectly. Well, when I got the rig, it was DOA. It also was in poor
condition cosmetically. But the biggest thing, was that it had been modified
for use on 11 meters. The ten meter crystals had been removed, 11 meter
crystals put in there place, and a switch and crystal added to the HET OSC.
board for even more out-of-band coverage. I started to repair the rig before
I realized that the mods had been done to it, (and lousy job of installing
them), and had time and money invested, so I bit the bullet, kept the rig
and completed repairs and re-painted and re-worked the exterior. I now have
a nice rig, but at a cost of twice what the rig is really worth. All Martyn
would do was offer to pay me what I had paid for it. (That would have meant
even more money lost besides just the shipping both ways).

After all this, he puts negative feedback on me cuz I wasn't happy with the
rig and his offer.

Keep away from this guy. There are plenty of other honest dealers and
sellers out there. List your wants on this reflector. I have other stories
from other people to also back up what I am saying. As they say, "Buyer

73 de Fred, W1SKU
Net Manager
CCA Member #793

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