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Hello Carl;
I'm sure by now you've received lots of comments about Radiomart. Martyn's
reputation as a "marginal" seller is well known to most of the group, which
is a shame. He really does come into some interesting pieces and there are
lots of happy customers, but it's a role of the dice. Even if you ask lots
of questions of Martyn, you may not get the answers you need. I wouldn't go
as far to say that he is dishonest, but many have chosen not to do business
with him for the same reason you posted your question. However, in the one
dealing I've had with Martyn, he did work to salvage a transaction that went
bad and did offer to take back the equipment. We eventually settled on good
terms. You might try opening a dialogue with him regarding your experience
and see what happens. If, however, you have damaged the KWM-2A in some way,
I am afraid that you are hosed... to coin a phrase. Even then, I've noticed
that his recent postings on eBay have included a "no refunds, as is where
is" type of statement.

Reasonable men can often find reasonable answers to difficult questions. It
won't hurt to try.

Best regards;

Gene McCalmont
CCA Member
Argyle Texas

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Help !A few weeks ago I purchased a Collins KWM2A Round from a fellow by the
name of Radiomart, his name was Martyn on e-bay. He claimed it was collector
quality !

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