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I just couldn't help responding to this listing.

About 8 months ago, I was the successful bidder on a KWM-2A listed by  
radiomart. I am ashamed to say how much I paid - but that was when I 
first learning the ropes and I made the same mistake many newcomers to 
Collins make.  The description was that the radio was excellent and 
that one like this would be hard to find. Further, it had a serial 
number of 36XXX - or something like that. After I won the item, I sent 
a bank check by express mail and received the item about a week later. 
I knew something was dreadfully wrong before I even unpacked it. The 
inside of the box smelled terrible! As I progressed I knew that I was 
in trouble. When I got the radio out of its packing, I was greeted by 
the overwhelming smell of burned cigarette. The radio smelled so bad 
that it fouled the whole room ! On inspection, I found that the serial 
number tag was faded and that the only support of the serial number 
claim came from the cover of the enclosed instruction manual (which was 
original !) that had a serial number written on it. The cursor set 
mechanism was broken with the cord completely missing. The inside of 
the radio had tobacco smoke residue all over the chassis. I was so 
disgusted and disappointed that I never even connected the radio to a 
power supply to see if it worked.

Now the good part. I called Radiomart and explained the situation. He 
offered to refund my money. Needless to say, the radio was in the mail 
the next day. It took about 3-4 weeks to get a check, but it eventually 
came. I never posted negative feedback because he did refund my 
purchase price. However, there was no refund of the original shipping, 
the return shipping, the bank check cost, or the express mail cost. 
All-in-all the learning experience cost me about $100.

I subsequently bought a breathtaking KWM 2A from a friend  who decided 
to downsize his collection. I use it regularly and it never fails to 

Just another episode of buyer beware

Fred Bongard

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