{Collins} Re: radiomart

 hi all on the server,
Yes, I to just couldn't resist responding to this subject. I to have had a 
few dealing with the (Radiomart) on E-Bay. I remember when he first started 
listing things on E-Bay. I do a lot of collecting and restoring of old short-wave 
rigs i.e.: Hallicrafters, National, Hammerlund so I do some buying and selling 
on there. He started with those type of rigs and was so proud of his (work) 
on them. and it seemed that every rig he sold on there was "from his own 
personal collection" I stayed away from this shyster for a long time. Well, one day 
he had listed a Collins Wing emblem for the S-Line and I needed one to replace 
one on a rig I have here that was just ever so slightly pitted so I thought 
what the heck and bid on it, well I won it and when it got here the "Perfect 
Condition" emblem was worse shape than the one I wanted to replace, it looked 
nothing like the picture that he presented. I asked him about it and all I got 
was no responce, so now i just use it for a hat pin. Some time later and 
probably not learning my lesson I needed a cabinet for my 516F-2 and low and behold 
there was Radiomart listing "The most pristine cabinet he had ever seen"
Well, being dumb like me I took another chance on him and he didn't let me 
The cabinet I got was NOT the one he had pictured on the auction. It was so 
dirty you couldn't even tell was color it was, it stunk so bad of cigarette 
smoke that I could'nt be to close to it, it was sickening. Lucky for me it was 
just the cabinet, I totally dismantled it and soaked it in warm water with some 
mild dish soap and it came clean as new, it had a little slow bend in the 
lower housing itself but was a very slow bend so just a little pull here and there 
and it was straight. there were NO feet on it at all (which the one in the 
picture had) after putting it back together and buying some feet and front 
extenders it looked very good and was very serviceable so i guess i dodged the 
bullet on that one a little and it's in my lineup now, but yes I have to agree, 
stay away from this guy, he's been doing this long enough now that he is into 
buying estates and that's where all the Collins stuff is coming from, most of 
the time he has no clue what he has or what is, he's just a guy that's looking 
to make a fast buck on this stuff and most of the time it's the buyer that 
takes it in the shorts. One tell tale sign to look for on any of these guys is 
that Everything they sell is "EXCELLENT" or "PERFECT" . Another thing to look for 
is that if they list a bunch of stuff look at all the auctions with the same 
type of gear listed, you'll see that they use the same picture and the same 
wording in their descriptions, this is a big sign that the guy is a crook. E-Bay 
can be fun and you can find a lot of great stuff on there but like everyone 

Thanks for the soap box guys.


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