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I keep reading about "Martyn."

I suspect this is the same person, who at that time claimed to be British
with both a British call and one in Texas if I remember correctly.  In any
event the name is the same with the unusual, to me, spelling with a "y" in
it and this was maybe 3 or 4 years ago.  I vaguely recall that he mentioned
something about importing ham gear for sale in this country and having a
business in Britain...probably another untruth??

He won an auction on eBay for an item I was disposing of since I hadn't used
it for some time.  It was one of the Waters Clipamps if my memory is
correct.  The auction went fine.

A few weeks later I discovered an auction posting on eBay from him with the
item for auction.  It was described as having belonged to his father and
there was a glowing description of it and how it was taken care of by his
father and how well it worked.  He even used pictures that I had taken and
used with my auction listing.

I sent him and e-mail with a query and the comment that I didn't think it
was very honest to describe something like that which was not true.  He sent
me a one sentence response to the effect that he could do what he pleased.

>From these stories that I am now reading I'd say to be VERY CAREFUL and
watch for him to appear with another made up persona ready to take advantage
of the bidder with a questionable story about the item.

Ian, K6SDE

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Hello to All,

I keep seeing messages concerning Radio Mart and Martyn come across the
reflector. Here is my experience and 2 cents worth:

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