{Collins} Problems with 30S1-update3


Sorry about the delay in responding.  Spent a week @ a meeting in Hilton
Head.  In spare time, perused manuals in great detail.  Upon returning,
tried a few suggestions.  

1.	Replaced fuses with 15A fast blow variety.
2.	Disconnected HV terminal to rf deck and powered up in CW position.
After 3 minute, hit  "on" switch.  Did not blow fuses.
3.	Turned HV off and changed switch to SSB.  Blew fuses after 10
seconds with a pop once "on" switch depressed.
4.	Disconnected L202, 8 Hy choke (both terminals) and insulated them.
Reapplied HV in CW position-stayed on.  Same with SSB.
5.	Appears to me that culprit is L202.  Ordered a new one from Peter
Dahl as well as new filament transformer for 3B28s.
6.	Using 3B28's, not solid state.
7.	Received new relay replacement for K203, but may not need to use it
yet.  Will try burnishing contacts.  Relay described by Mike Stover no
longer available, but exact replacement available from Carlton Bates as
PM-DY12 made by Struther Dunn/Magnecraft.  Is a pretty piece!  Will save it
for later since it appears that rf deck needs to be removed to
8.	Thanks for the help.  Consensus seems to be that I would have been
better off ordering exact replacement T201 from Peter Dahl, but when I
requested it the salesman acted like I was from Mars!  Stated that nobody
was using the exact replacement anymore.  After $500 to have it delivered to
my door (T201 with increased bias voltage built in) and with it installed,
I'm stuck with it.  Any suggestions to keep IM distortion down?  Will it
work OK if I don't overdrive it?  Hindsight is 20/20!

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