{Collins} Re: radiomart

Hello All,
I have held off making comment as I have a deal pending with this guy.  I 
bought an Icom R7000 that was supposed to be mint and got one with serious 
cosmetic flaws.  When I contacted him he said "no problem" and I have 
returned the old and am supposed to receive a "hand picked" replacement 
tomorrow.  I did buy an Icom linear from him that WAS mint so who 
knows.  Here is his explanation for what happened on e-bay.  I'll leave it 
up to you to decide.  I have my fingers crossed and will let you all know 
(good or bad) what shows up in the brown truck tomorrow.
Scott Ramsey
The following is a cut and paste from an e-mail received last week:

>I am only in a position to exchange it, like I said I have so many here, 
>in fact I am now carrying over $300,000 of stock and thanks to e-Bay I am 
>stuck with it for a month or two.
>The reason for my suspension is that I listed a Galaxy transceiver , 26 to 
>28.3 MHz  they removed it as it covered CB and Ham, then I re listed it 
>without mentioning the frequency coverage and they removed it again and 
>explained to me why and I said I now understand, they said that although 
>it was enough to suspend me that they would not and hey presto, 2 days 
>later, on a Sunday evening an hour before 101 items were about to finish 
>($19,000) they removed all of my items and suspended me and have not even 
>had the courtesy to contact me despite many e-mails to them.
>So shit out of luck here for a while I guess,,, well at least the garden 
>looks nice now.


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