{Collins} Re: Problems with 30S1-update3


There are two known "arcing" problems within the 30S-1 power supply bay. One
has been covered through the archives quite fully. I believe a milk carton
was pressed into service and used to insulate and line L202's two bell
housings from the coil to inhibit arcing. Another fix was to insulate L202
from the chassis [I recently had my choke vacuum potted and Hi-Pot tested by
a local transformer company. It was a free-be!]. A second source of
fuse-blowing discovered was caused by a breakdown of the insulator
supporting the front door interlock switch, shorting disk. An arc will jump
across the open contact only when the mode switch is in the higher voltage,
or SSB position. The fix is to add a Teflon washer to the shaft. I have a
digital photo of that problem and the simple resolution used should it be

Stu, k2qde

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