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Well gang, I have my transaction stories also. Same bottom line as others. 
What may be different is that I had several meaningful and pleasant e-mail 
exchanges with Martyn on the subject of his responsibility as a major market-maker 
in significant gear. I expressed interest in visiting his place in the event 
of a major purchase to learn about his business model (me being a management 
consultant). I was politely, but firmly turned down. Acknowledging his right to 
put the best face on his offerings, I asked for a one-to-one commitment to 
answer any question I asked truthfully. Actually, I asked twice. Both times I 
received a pleasant answer, but no commitment. So, for me, he chose the honorable 
path in advising me not to buy from him. I appreciate that, while being sad 
about so much more. 
For us, the challenge is to spot his next e-Bay venture and alert the group. 
For Martyn, the challenge is to find a way to do the good part of his job 
without the bad.
What an interesting article for CQ.

Bill Webb, K4ZIW     

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