{Collins} Collins Items FS

I have the following Collins items for sale:
Amateur Radio Equipment Catalog No. 33 1967,  Very Good contition.  
Call Sign and address Stamped on front cover.  $25

75S-3B Sales Flyers Single Sheet 1965, Very Good condition  $5

PM-2 AC Power Supply Instructions Original.  15 January 1961.  Very 
Good condition.  folded at one time down the middle (verticaly).  	$15

Collins Log Book.  July 1967.  No entries, but original owner filled 
out front page with call, address etc.   Excellent condition.	$20

Professional copy of 75A-3 Manual.  Better than the original I had with 
my receiver.  Full size schematic copies.  Mint condition.  $25

30L-1 Photo Copy of Manual.  Good for shop use.  $5.

All prices plus shipping.  Buy all of the above for $90 Shipped.

Thanks & 73


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