{Collins} KWS-1 PA tuning

I  finally purchased a KWS-1 for restoration and arranged to pick it up 
in Texas during August.  In the mean time, I also found a KWS-1 "parts 
unit", quoted as having some missing parts, no power supply, and some 
external cosmetic damage.

As it turns out, I've got my hands on the parts unit prior to picking up 
the complete KWS-1.  It doesn't look too bad after all, with the only 
major cosmetic problem being a broken knob, and the only major 
components missing being the PA Plate RF choke (L403 ) and the larger of 
the two roller inductors (L401).   L401 is specified as 15 uH, 24 
turns.  I find my junkbox contains a Johnson rotary inductor of 
identical physical size to L401 that is 18 uH, 27 turns, which would 
scale to 16 uH for 24 turns.  It looks like I can shoehorn the Johnson 
inductor into the PA cage, so I'm thinking maybe I can get this one 
going too, as I have some experience with designing and building 
regulated HV power supplies.

Have any of you KWS-1 aficionados done any finagling with the KWS-1 PA 
tuning?  How critical is it?  Also, has anyone tried to add 160 meter 
capability to a KWS-1?

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