{Collins} KWM-2 Low RF Output-PROBLEM SOLVED

Well after listening to all the great suggestions, most of you directed me
to the band switch.  Since the symptoms seemed frequency sensitive I was
about to open er up to begin the cleaning process.  However, Kurt peaked my
interest by suggesting that it was an SWR problem.  Although my SWR bridge
was indicating 1:5 to 1 or less on all bands I figured it wouldn't hurt to
check the cabling.  Low and behold I found a loose shield connection at a
coax switch which solved the problem.
Thanks to all of of you who helped make this an easy troubleshoot.

Vy 73

Dom, N3DD
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Hi to all on the List

My KWM-2 has just developed a new problem; low output on most bands.  Here
are the output readings:

80m  100w
40m   50w
20m   5w
15m   5w
10m   5w

There is plenty of grid drive on all bands and I have swapped out V2, 4, 5,
6, 7, 13 and 15 with known good tubes.  Have not checked the driver or the
PA's yet.

Your idea's please.

Vy 73

Dom, N3DD

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