{Collins} First Wednesday CCA AM Night Oct. 6th!

FIRST WEDNESDAY AM NIGHT !!! Sponsored by the Collins Collectors

Cedar Rapids, Iowa - Wednesday Oct. 6th on 3880 kcs at 7:30PM local East
Coast time marks the start of the latest chapter of First Wednesday AM
Night, drawing hundreds of vintage stations from across the country.

The event is anchored by a "tall ship" AM station in each time zone. The
East Coast will run for 90 minutes in response to the tremendous
participation in the Eastern Time zone. The remaining time zones will be an
hour. We encourage stations to check-in on AM using Collins and other
transmitters, new and old.  It's an opportunity to revel in this nostalgic
mode, enjoy giving vintage equipment a "run," and sharing some storytelling
about classic vacuum tube homebrew and commercial designs. Typically more
than a hundred stations take part in the evening's coast-to-coast AM event;
by the time it concludes at 10P, PDT (1A EDT).

A logbook of check-ins, with the equipment used, appears in the
"Announcements & Events" section of www.amfone.net on the page's "AM Forum -

In months past, anchor stations have included those running the beautiful
Collins 300-G, pictured below, as well as those running the amateur KW-1,
and other noted models.


LISTEN for the following anchors and stop by to say hello, won't you? You
don't have to be running Collins or vintage gear to be welcomed into the

7:30P-9P East Coast Anchor:  Bob W0YVA in Great Falls VA

8P-9P Central Anchor:  Jim W0NKL  Ft. Scott KS

8P-9P Rocky Mountain Anchor: Jim WA0LSB in Larkspur CO

8P-9P West Coast Anchor: Bill N6PY in Palmdale CA

comments please to wa9vrh@xxxxxxxx

Sponsored by the Collins Collectors Association http://www.collinsradio.org
Nets: Tues: 3.805 Mc-2000 Central / Thur: 3.875 Mc-2000 Central
Fri: 3.895 Mc-2000 Pacific / Sun: 14.263 Mc-2000 UTC
1st Wed (of the month) AM Net 3.880 Mc-2000 local (ET, CT, MT, PT)
Sun AM Net: 29.050 Mc-1200 Central

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