{Collins} Vibroplex CCA key info

CCA members:
I got an update today from Betsy and Mitch at Vibroplex. As you recall, in 
May the CCA Board authorized Vibroplex to make up to 250 of the special CCA 
keys (Original, Iambic or key paddle), each numbered on the base and can be 
numbered on the wooden stand too. I feel each member should consider getting 
one of these or the Board might consider lowering the # authorized if 
interest is not improved somewhat. I personally thought the 100 might be 
about right for total number issues. Ten Tec sold over 100 in first hour 
that theirs was announced but they mainly make CW rigs and have great CW 
following. I am a bit concerned that only 48 keys have been sold!  The next 
number "up" is 041, but there have been 7-8 special number requests which 
were honored. The most popular unit sold is the "Original" Vibroplex with 
the standard key paddle next.

Even if  you are not a hard core CW man, these special CCA keys are 
beautiful, Collins color and specially numbered for the CCA members. It is 
beautiful with its stand/plexiglas cover and an asset to any "collection" as 
a valid Collins approved accessory. Most of us have (or once possessed) a DX 
Engineering processor, Waters Rejection tuning unit, Grand digital readout 
unit or a Magnum 6 RF processor, just to mention a few of the Collins 
acceptable accessories. This keyer unit would fall in the same area of 
Collins accessories to consider having.
I hope some of you CW guys at least will consider buying one of these. If 
the numbers do not go up I would like to see the Board "cut off" the numbers 
authorized to 100 -150  at the next Dayton meeting. They would make a great 
Xmas gift to yourself. hi   And, NO, I do not work for Vibroplex and don't 
get a commission. I just think the Board thought long and hard about this 
and felt the response would be greater than it has been.

FYI , the Vibroplex item continues to be on the CCA Website, take a look!

San K5YY  CCA#169 

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