{Collins} Re: KWS-1 Info

Good choice.  The 75A-4 and KWS-1 combo is a great high power classic =
Collins station known as the "Gold Dust Twins".  I use my Twins for CW, =
vintage SSB, AND AM.  The KWS-1 sounds fine on AM and I get very good =
audio reports.  Usually the audio quality report drops when the other =
person finds out the KWS-1 runs single sidebanded AM.  They sometimes =
find that out when they try to zero beat me, and ask about the missing =
sideband :)))))  Then the audio report gets downgraded to "pretty good" =
:))))))  Its sort of like QRP.  Your RST is 20 db/S9 until they find out =
you're running 5 watts, then you are 559 :))))

KWS-1 prices seem to be all over the map. Based on KWS-1's I've seen for =
sale on this list, other lists, Ebay, etc, over the past couple of =
years, the range (in my opinion only) for one in good condition (meaning =
pretty nice condition) and fully functional is $1400-$1800.  I've seen =
some priced in the $1000 to $1200 range but they were either very rough, =
fair condition, big time unknown condition.  I've seen some priced in =
the $2200 range and above as well for ones in mint condition.  I think =
I've seen more ragged or rough ones lately than nice ones.     =20

When you're looking, it would be nice to know if the HV rectifiers have =
been solid stated.  If so, it is highly likely that the HV filament =
transformer is shorted.  I bought a replacement transformer from Peter =
Dahl.  Oh, and ask about the manual.  They seem to go in the $50 some =
dollar range if you have to buy it separately.

Good luck with your hunt.  My 11 year old daughter has no interest in =
ham radio at all, but when she was 5 or 6, she would always be glued to =
the shack when I was running the KWS-1 because she loved to watch the =
glowing red and green 'jewels' on the power supply (the plate and =
filament lenses)  :)

73, Scott WA9WFA
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