{Collins} 51J-4, 75A-3, and 270G-3 speaker for sale

Time to down size some more.  These items have gotten little or no use
in the past two years since I moved.  
I live in the Denver convenent controlled community.  Freight to ship
these would be additional to your QTH.  
I would recommend we use a professional packer that can do foam in
place.  Email me with any questions, I can email you jpegs of the gear.
The 75A-3 and speaker can be seen on my QRZ listing.  Yes, the rest of
the station I'm sitting at is all available so take a look.  
51J-4 		$850 serial number 7676, gray face out of the Collins factory,
covers but no cabinet, repo 		manual, three mechanical filters.  In very
good condx.  
Collins 75A-3	$495 serial number 43, very clean and working well, with
manual, one mechanical filter and L/C 		filter for wide AM.  

Collins 270G-3	 $125 new flocked grill 
R390A		$995, all filters, with Heathkit cabinet - redone by Chuck Ripple
very clean and work well. 

Thanks for looking and 73

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