{Collins} Sunday 10 Meter AM Net

Hello to All,

Well, Fall is upon us, and Winter is not far behind. We are all hoping for
better propagation this Winter than what we have had during this past

So, with that in mind, we are looking to start the 10 Meter AM net back up.
Pete, K5PZ, has been the Net Coordinator for some time now, and has decided
he wants to take a break. We want to all thank Pete for a job well done, and
for donating so much of his time to the AM Net. This leaves us in need of a
Net Coordinator for the 10 Meter AM Net. The duties associated with this
position, include, but are not limited to, getting other stations to be NCO
stations for the net, tracking the check-ins to the net, and sending out the
10 on 10 awards. I will get the latest list of stations from Pete so that
the new coordinator will have a starting point from which to start tracking
the check-ins.Is there anyone interested in this position ? It should be a
station in the Midwest, with atleast two other stations, one on each coast,
to make this all come together. From Dallas, TX, Pete was usually able to
hear me in Michigan, and the other two NCOs, ABe in the East, and Bill in
the West.

The Net meets weekly, on Sundays at 1800Z on 29.050 MHz.

If you are interested, please email me at w1sku@xxxxxxxxxxxx  We need to get
the 10 Meter Net back up and running as soon as possible.

73 de Fred, W1SKU
Net Manager
CCA Member # 793

Sponsored by the Collins Collectors Association http://www.collinsradio.org
Nets: Tues: 3.805 Mc-2000 Central / Thur: 3.875 Mc-2000 Central
Fri: 3.895 Mc-2000 Pacific / Sun: 14.263 Mc-2000 UTC
1st Wed (of the month) AM Net 3.880 Mc-2000 local (ET, CT, MT, PT)
Sun AM Net: 29.050 Mc-1200 Central

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