{Collins} 75A-4 stby problem & 30L-1 switches

Hello all,
     I have gotten several requests for the replies I received from VY2DA 
and WC9M regarding the
standby problem in the 75A-4. These include the K7CMS mods from an early 
issue of E.R.
     Since they are rather lengthy, I won't post them on the reflector but 
if you'd like them, just
drop me a line off the list and I will forward them to you. I have several 
requests I will process later
as I have to run out for a short while.

     I'm very happy to report all dx orders for the 30L-1 switches shipped 
this morning and this wraps
up the project.  Thanks to everyone for their prompt payment. As of today, I 
have approximately
10 U.S. orders awaiting payment so if you haven't already sent yours, please 
do so soon.

                 Thanks & 73!

                 Rich WB3JLK

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