{Collins} 51S-1 general questions re restoration

Hi List,

New to the list and CCA, so please bear with me ;-)  I've searched the CCA 
archives and not found answers to a few questions.

I have almost 50 years' experience servicing radios, mostly ham gear and 
communications receivers, but I haven't worked on many Collins sets.  I have a 
very extensive selection of lab-grade test equipment available.

I just received a 51S-1F s/n 305x from a friend for restoration.  The set is in 
nice shape, having lived in a relay rack all its life.

In a set of this vintage, I would normally replace all of the paper and 
electrolytic capacitors (although I don't see any papers in this set).  Is 
there a preferred vendor or source for these caps?

And where might I get a replacement for the meter scale?  This one is badly 

Should I install Service Bulletins 1, 3, and/or 7?

Does the factory still provide any parts?  I'm thinking in particular of the 
parts kit for the SB-7 mod.

I want to clean the turret contacts.  Is there a particular contact cleaner 
that I should use, or any particular type(s) that I should avoid?

Any tips, suggestions, or warnings would be greatly appreciated.  TIA

73 de Leigh W3NLB

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