{Collins} FS: KWM-380 Accessories and Parts

I sold the KWM-380 so now I'm selling my spare parts.

 The following items are available for sale, all are plus shipping.


KWM-380 Keypad and keypad interface (AC-3803), both purchased from Surplus Sales of Nebraska. Key pad is near new condition with very little use. Interface is new in the package. - $275.00


KWM-380 new Pipo keyboard (maker of keyboard for the Keypad). I ordered this from Pipo directly about 1999. They stopped making them as this was from the last run according to them. The keyboard is THE replacement, with "Pipo" in upper left corner. Photo upon request. Currently $125 at Surplus Sales. $75.00


KWM-380 SIL 1 and SIL 2 both with parts. Docs appear to be original mailings (no envelopes). Parts are in small manilla envelopes. $15.00


KWM-380 AC-3812 Filter Kit - 1.7 KHz  ssb/data/rtty filter. New in the box  $65.00


KWM-380 AC-3810 Filter Kit - 360 Hz cw filter. New in the box. $65.00



Box containing balance of  KWM-380 parts including:

  1.. KWM-380 A7 crystal oscillator board. This was a spare. I have not tested it. Should be ok. 
  2.. KWM-380 A2A2 directional coupler board (partial, 75% complete) with parts kit both from surplus sales of Nebraska). Requires T1 to be complete. (Surplus Sales may have this part. 
  3.. New spare caps for 24 volt dc supply, main power supply diodes, fuses.
  4.. About 100 new pieces of hardware for KWM-380, stainless screws (several sizes), brass washers. 
  5.. Full knob set - used very good plus condition. Main tuning dial is weighted. 
  6.. Original speaker grill ½ inch light line dent, not too noticeable. 
  7.. Power Switch very good conditions, looks fine
  8.. Mike jack (new).
  9.. Bare A13 optional filter board (new from surplus sales). 
Price for box of balance of parts $100.00






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