{Collins} Re: Cant load my KWM2A,

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Hi  Pedro,

It's definitely wise to replace the electrolytics.  I have  heard some  
people disagree, but it's good  insurance.

Regarding the loading problem:  Also, have you checked  the bias  
adjustment, as described in section 1.3 of the manual  (Installation  
section)?  If the bias is wrong, your output  power will be wrong.

Have you followed the procedure in section 2.2.1  of the manual for initial  
tune-up?  This is an unusual radio to  tune, since it always operates in  
the SSB mode, even when CW is  selected.

Do you have a dummy load for testing?  You can turn the  Mode switch to  
LOCK to turn the transmitter on in CW mode with full  output power.  Not  
wise to do this into a real antenna, because  it might not present a proper  

I'm not a KWM-2A expert,  but I do have one here that works fine.  Maybe I  
can help with  voltage readings or some such.

Good luck with it.  Let me know if  I can be of any further help.

73 de Leigh  W3NLB

Ok, yes im already adjust the   bias plate current to 40 ma,  following the 
instructions in the manual,. (By the way, when Im  setting  the plate current 
at this point, I hear a noise in the speaker when Im  relase the PPT, I guess 
is some feedback from the 6146 I).
When Im turn the emission switch to TUNE, and set the meter to GRID,  opening 
the MIC GAIN I cant have any read from the Meter, so its impossible load  the 
rig, I have to turn the emission switch to LSB or USB and shout in to the  
mike to have some output, 40 W or so.
Maybe the problem is insuffient drive, I have to check C152, C153  C154,C155, 
following the instruction in the 4.6.15 of the manual, but before, I  wants 
to check the Tone osc, V2B.
as you can see  I neither an expert in KWM2 ( but we are on the way  LOL )
Pedro XE1YZY

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