{Collins} Re: Tube compatibility.

At 08:51 PM 10/16/2004, Justin A. Kraft wrote:
>I am looking at purchasing a pair of 4X250B tubes for a KWS-1 transmitter
>(So I can have spares) and I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with
>substituting a 4CX250B, 7203, or 4X150A?


I have it on good authority that later transmitters were equipped with the 
4CX250B, and that anyone re-tubing now should put in those instead of the 
glass-sealed 4x250B's.

The KWS-1 here is new enough that I have not opened it up to see what's in 
there, but the previous owner said it has 4CX250's in there.

Thanks to Kurt for his advice.


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