{Collins} Dzus Fasteners

Ran across this press release regarding the famous Dzus fasteners: yes, those 
fasteners used to hold down the lid of your KWM-2A and 30S-1.   Collins originally 
used the Dzus branded fasteners for the WE and RE units, but switched to a Southco 
equivalent fastener for the late RE and Rockwell badged production.

Southco also makes the late version door hardware for the larger HF-80 amplifiers.  
They are a special order part, but i have some extras if anyone needs them...

Press release follows... 73,   -Paul  W8ZO

October  14, 2004

Southco to  Acquire Dzus & Hartwell - Dzus Businesses

Southco, Inc. has signed  a definitive agreement to acquire the Dzus and Hartwell-
Dzus  businesses from
the McKechnie Group. The transaction is expected to be completed  by October 29, 
2004 according to the 
President & CEO, Brian M. McNeill.

Dzus, headquartered  in Farnham, UK and Hartwell-Dzus headquartered in Placentia,  
California are the premier suppliers of Quick-Acting Fasteners  and Latches.

Southco, headquartered  in Concordville, Pennsylvania with regional headquarters  in 
Staverton, UK, and Hong Kong, is a leading supplier  of Engineered Access Solutions.

The collective capabilities  of Southco, Dzus, and Hartwell-Dzus are now united to 
provide  you with the broadest 
line of high-quality access hardware, and the highest quality of  service, support, and 
technical expertise available anywhere today.
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