{Collins} for sale

Greetings to all,

   I will be driving from Houston to the Los Angeles area around November 6. 
The following items are available and can be delivered at no extra  charge 
anywhere, within reason, reroute and around the LAX area.

#1.   RE Transition model Collins 30S-1. Looks good, has full output on all 
bands. Has small chip on trim ring and top of cabinet. No mods. Original 
manual. Needs some TLC. Original manual. $1,900.

#2.   Henry 2K-2 floor model linear. Very clean, works great.  New high 
voltage wiring. Bias mod to lower idle plate current.  Original manual. $900

#3.   100 Ft Rhon 55-G tower with two sets of Philistran guys.  Very good 
condition.  Includes, if you want it, a 1/2" heavy steel adapter plate to 
allow mounting on standard US Tower 6 "J" bolt base. $2,500.

#4.   Collins KWS-1/75A-4 combo.  A4 is Cedar Rapids mfg with SR# above 
5,000.  KWS-1 was working when I got it.  Transformer and Choke were removed 
for shipping and have never been re-installed.  Looks great, original 
manuals.  $3,500.

#5.   Collins RE KWM-2, WE 399C-1, 516F2 (no case), Novice adapter.  Clean, 
works great, original manuals.  The 399C-1 is immaculate, the nicest one I 
have ever seen.  $3,500.

#6.   Collins KWM-1, 516F-1,312B-2 with wattmeter and phone patch, manuals.
This set is absolutely immaculate--exceeds collector quality. $4,500.  There
my be a Crystal Adapter (399B-1 DX or 399B-2DX with it.  If I have it, it 
will go with the set).

#7.   Collins MM-2 and MM-3 microphones.  There is no Collins emblem on 
either of these units.  But, they are the exact same as those shown in Jay 
Miller's book. $750.

73 de Lon Cottingham, K5JV

1110 Golden Bear Ln,
Kingwood, TX 77339

281-358-4234 FAX
281-795-1335 CELL 

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