{Collins} KWM2A Microphones

Hi to all...
I about to finish the restoration of my KWM2A, the radio is now  working very 
good, my last problem is find the right microphone, the manual says  " High 
Impedance microphone" but how much is that?.
I test the radio with a Normal Z microphone, about 600  Ohms, and speaking 
normaly I only have 40- 50 Watts in the output, if  Im speak loud, the KWM2A 
reach 100 Watts.
Maybe I can use a  microphone preamplifier, but Im afraid about  overloading  
the first microphone  amplifier, or maybe Modify the  input in order to 
accept a low Z microphone ( but my "purist " soul refuses to  make that hi hi).
Thanks in advance!
Pedro XE1YZY
 México City.
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