{Collins} Strange quirk in a 75A-3.

First of all, thank you for all of your assistance with my earlier posts.
I am purchasing an S-line setup, as well as both a KWS-1 and 75A-4.

Now I just need to re-pass the exam...

Anyway, I'm having an odd problem with my 75A-3 receiver.  The lights went
out in the meter and over the drum.  I traced the problem back to a
connection that gave way.  I have the disconnected wire (The white wire
off of the lamp sockets) but I can't figure out where it connects to.
There is only enough length to connect around the back of the CW-AM-FM
switch (S-3 on the schematic) but the schematic doesn't show any
connection to the lamps in a circuit anywhere near S-3.

Also, there seems to be a short of some sort to the chassis, as I am
getting the 60Hz AC line signal throughout the chassis, on the crystal
outputs, and on most connection points to the coils.

Thanks again,

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