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The CCA is a non-profit corporation operating under the laws of the State of Texas.  The documents that govern the CCA are in its Articles of Incorporation, which relate to the general nature of the corporation, and its By-laws which are the general rules for the operation and structure of the corporation.  Shortly you will be receiving a ballot asking you to vote to make a change in the By-laws of the CCA to permit the Board of Directors in the future to make necessary changes in the By-laws of the corporation, and to also make it easier for the membership to approve future changes in the By-laws.

For some time the Board has been consulting with legal counsel to insure that the corporation is and stays in compliance with the laws governing non-profit corporations.  The legal people are myself, and I am not a specialist in corporate matters, and my long time partner Sally Crawford who is a specialist in Texas Corporate law.  Sally is an experienced, talented and sought after corporate and business lawyer.  Although neither a HAM or a Collins collector she has volunteered many hours of her very busy schedule to advise us on corporate matters beyond my capability.  She has done an admirable job on behalf of the membership of the CCA.  No fees are charged to the CCA by either of us for this work.

Sally (as have all of the Board members) has reviewed the By-laws and the manner in which the CCA conducts its affairs and has recommended that we make the change that is now being submitted to you.  Sally has advised the Board that many successful corporations provide the Directors with the power to set the rules for their fundamental operations because to do otherwise can become cumbersome.  This is particularly true with an organization that is international in scope such as the CCA.  Sally will also be available to guide us through any other changes that may be needed in the future as we attempt to provide the flexibility needed to grow the CCA and enhance the services it provides to its members worldwide.

We should all be proud of the CCA and what it has done through its volunteer members to protect and preserve the heritage of the fantastic equipment we are fortunate to collect and operate.  Please keep in mind that this is an all volunteer organization based on the pursuit of a common goal.  As commonly happens in such organizations the hard work of a few dedicated volunteers generally inures to the benefit of everyone.  The CCA website, the Signal, the CCA reflector, the regular nets and the annual banquet at Dayton are examples of what has resulted from this volunteer effort.  We need to keep alive the incentive for people to continue to volunteer and give of their time and talent.  Sally and I, along with the entire Board of Directors, believe that your participation and vote in favor of the change in the By-laws that is being advocated will be a step in that direction.

The current By-Laws of the CCA require that 2/3 of the MEMBERSHIP approve any changes or updates in the By-Laws.  Due to the nature of the CCA, with members scattered across the country (and the world), it is impossible to hold regular meetings and have 2/3 of the membership attend and participate (about 750 members would have to attend to meet this quota-many times more than attend our annual meeting in Dayton).  In order to provide the flexibility needed to permit changes in the By-Laws to meet changed legal or practical circumstances, we are asking that the membership vote now to allow an update in the current By-Laws so that 2/3 of those MEMBERS voting could approve a change in the By-Laws, and to also allow 2/3 of the Board of Directors to make updates in the By-Laws as well.  This is the way many corporations conduct their business and that we should do the same in order to allow progress as the CCA grows and expands.  Please vote YES to allow these changes to take effect.

If you have any questions or comments I (and Sally when I can't) will be happy to respond.  You can e-mail me at rwturner@xxxxxxxxxxxx or w5apn@xxxxxxxxxx.

Thank you for your time and attention in reading this email.

Robert W. Turner


October 21, 2004

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