{Collins} New caps for old

One of the things I purchased for my "new" vintage
station is a 1960 date 75S-1.  It's got a pronounced
audio hum, so I guess the caps need to be addressed. 
Bill/K2WH, who incidentally steered me to this group,
suggested previously to me that C106 in the KWM-2 was
normally fixed by just tacking on replacements, not by
cutting it loose.  My question is: what is the
reasoning behind this?  Is it because the caps are now
completely dry, so there is no risk of it shorting? 
Or is it for some other reason?

I'm going to see if I can find some caps today, as I'd
really like to hook that radio up.  Unfortunately, it
also has some weak tubes, so my joy is going to be

Bob - AE6RV

BTW, any Quake 3 players in here? - Hedgehog
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